Today Callas Foundation wishes Caroline Peters, the Founder of Callas Foundation, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎉
May you continue to see the beauty in this world and continue to be the goal driven, powerhouse of light for everyone.
You illuminate every space you enter.

You are Brave. Brave may not be your name, but brave is your posture, brave is the you carry yourself, brave is the look in your eyes and brave is your journey.

Inspiring. Inspiring may not be your name, but inspiring is the grace with which you have raised your children, Inspiring and Brave.
Passionate. Passionate may not be your name, but passion is found in the make-up of your entire being.

Caroline Peters is passionate about her community. She is passionate about helping every woman, every man and every young child.

You are brave, inspiring, and passionate… You are Caroline Peters and you are Changing the World.

We honour you today and always.

#happybirthday #founderofcallasfoundation