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We advocate for women, children and men by providing services such as community Outreach, Psychosocial support an access to justice to dismantle systems that favor men over women.

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Callas foundation was formally established in September 2018, however, it has been serving communities for over three decades in collaboration with various stakeholders and associations on a range of programs. These associations have included athletics bodies, a range of civic and health organisations like the neighbourhood watch, the community policing Forum (CPF), National prosecuting authority of South Africa, legal aid South Africa, department of health and department of social development amongst others. The foundation strives to adhere to the needs of the communities it serves by being responsive and innovative in their approach. Our programs aims to improve the quality of life for residents in the areas we serve by providing access to resources and opportunities that might otherwise be unavailable. While the main target constituency Callas foundation is women the organisation acknowledges the importance of working in an integrated approach 

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Our Mission & Vision.

We advocate for women, children and men by providing services such as community outreach, psychosocial support and access to justice, in order to dismantle systems that favour men over women.
While the main target constituency of the Callas foundation is women, the organisation acknowledges the importance of working in an integrated approach.
Callas Foundation
responds to a range of challenges faced in communities. In this respect, Programs are focused on creating sustainable communities, providing prevention and response of services to victims of gender-based violence, and strengthening food security. In addition, it believes that the strengthening of the family is paramount in addressing Gender Based Violence.


Caroline is an African feminist and human rights defender, nationally recognized and award-winning activist against gender-based violence. She has given input at Parliament on gender-based violence laws and has trained magistrates, clinic staff and community leaders, on sensitivity towards survivors of sexual violence.  She began working at the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children in Manenberg when it was founded in 1999 and has been active in several organisations including Ilitha Labantu, which was the first women and children’s centre to be founded in a township, and the 1 000 Women Trust, an initiative to support women and children organisations. She has used her own personal story of trauma from gender-based violence to fuel her work of advocacy, prevention and intervention for women and girls in her community and beyond. In 2014 Caroline made history and became the first woman to start a running club in Cape Town. In a working-class neighbourhood, where women had few support structures, she provided hope through physical activity.

Today Caroline is the Executive Director and founder of Callas Foundation, Coordinator of the Cape Flats Women’s Movement, Women’s Legal Centre, Human Rights Defenders Programme, and the Provincial Coordinator for South African Women in Dialogue.

Caroline runs a women’s support group that seeks reprieve from domestic violence and offers court support to women survivors of GBV, and families of femicide victims. She coordinates a programme for UNODC, Interventions on Non-Custodial Measures for Women in Conflict with the Law.
She is determined to ensure that women on the Cape Flats are actively involved in sports, and other spaces, that have previously been dominated by male leaders. Caroline would like to see a constant and positive change in the lives of women and children.


Rights Awareness & Training

  • Training GBV Ambassadors & First Responders from various community organizations.
  • Conducting intensive training sessions for frontline responders.
  • Engaging women soccer players to challenge gender norms.
  • Holding GBV information sessions at schools and in the community.
  • Providing training and support to SAPS Victim Empowerment Programme.
Practical Support to Survivors of GBV and their Families

  • Guiding survivors and families through the criminal justice system.
  • Providing psychosocial support, counseling, and referrals.
  • Developing referral pathways and offering financial support for participation in legal processes.

Advocacy Engagements for Systemic Change

  • Organizing court pickets and media campaigns to raise awareness.
  • Advocating for non-custodial measures for women in conflict with the law
  • And advocating to deny bail to sexual violence suspects
  • Lobbying for legislative and policy changes and adequate resource allocation.
  • Addressing systemic barriers to women’s access to justice.
  • Norms and Values Transformation

Conducting community outreach and providing food support.

  • Empowering boys through the Building
  • Bonding Beyond (BBB) program.
  • Delivering GBV information sessions at schools.
  • Raising awareness among non-specialized organizations in the social justice sector.
  • In recognition of the intersection between food insecurity and GBV, this work includes a community kitchen program through which we reach 500 households four times a week with food support

Board Members

Caroline Peters

Nikki Mosime-Christianson

Zoliswa Mbekwa

Zedia Walters


Roxie A. Hoven

Dr Nicole Kaniki

Why You Should Parter with Us:

Historical Legacy

Callas Foundation co-ordinated the Woman’s Shelter Forum in the Province. This forum was a leading movement not only in the Athlone District but nationally.
The historical legacy of the Organisation continues to deepen its reach.

Established & Reputable Footprint

The Foundation has a rich social capital with a large footprint in the local community. It furthermore is one of the leading GBV Programmes in the Province. It has local,
national and global networks that has been
utilized on fundamental Social Development
platforms to advance the plight of women in
South Africa.

Data Informed

In South Africa, Gender Based Violence is a pervasive problem. It affects both men and women, and is perpetrated by anyone in positions of power. Our projects and programmes are informed by verifiable data that can translate into impact and change.

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We advocate for women, children and men by providing services such as community Outreach, Psychosocial support an access to justice to dismantle systems that favor men over women.

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