I took this pic, through my office window.
During lockdown, it was easier to get donations for our community kitchen. Sadly, for many of our beneficiaries, there life is not gone back to normal, I dont watch the queue every day, but today i did, and i did not recognise half of the clients, both adults and children.

Especially on a Monday, we find the increase and numbers, because of funding and donations, many kitchens have closed, so the one’s, like us who still serves food, are very busy, we serve 500 meals and again today, it is done serving in 30 minutes, and if you miss the cooked food, there is bread and peanut butter, therefore clients, queue from early, even though we start serving at 15h00.
The struggle is real, imagine having to live off R350 per month, or a child grant etc… too many unemployed, single parent households, grandparent house, and child headed households.

I was watching how the pot was getting less and you could see the anxious faces in the queue.

#eachonefeedone #callas #endpoverty #endGBVF